SPAM Onigiri / SPAM午餐肉御饭团

In Japan, SPAM Onigiri (or musubi) is quite popular among the families with school age children. It is something quick and easy to make on the busy bento days. I first made this was like 10 years ago for my little boy's excursion. This is the original type/shape of the SPAM Onigiri originated from Okinawa, another popular type is the SPAM onigiri sandwich (rice sandwich) wrapped with seaweed. Have you tried it before?


Our breakfast / 我们家的早餐

SPAM Onigiri / SPAM午餐肉御饭团

Ingredients (Makes 8):
2 cups raw Japanese rice / 日本米
1 sheet nori seaweed / 寿司用海苔
1 can SPAM (20% salt reduced) / SPAM 午餐肉(减盐)
1 tbsp Sake / 料酒
1 tbsp Mirin / 味霖
1 tbsp Soy sauce / 酱油 

  1. Cook the rice as usual. Then divide into 8 equal portions.
  2. Cut the seaweed into 8 strips.
  3. Make the onigiri as shown in the photos below.

  1. 米饭煮好了分成八等份备用。
  2. 把海苔剪成八长条。
  3. 其他步骤请参考下图。
Notes / 备注:
  • You may also add a slice of omelet if desired.
  • It is recommended to use the salt reduced SPAM otherwise it will be too salty.
  • If you prefer a bigger rice ball, cook more rice!
  • 依个人喜好可加入一片煎蛋。
  • 建议用减盐午餐肉要不然会太咸。
  • 如果喜欢大一点的饭团就煮多一点饭呗。

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