Cold Kimchi Noodles [A Summery Dish]

Kimchi Cold Noodles

I bought a huge pack of bean thread vermicelli (Chinese type) awhile ago for my low calories and carbohydrate diet. I am a noodles lover, saying no to noodles is not an easy task for me. Thus, I switched to alternative - bean thread vermicelli. 100 grams of bean thread vermicelli contains 95 calories whereas same amount of wheat noodles or rice vermicelli contains +/-350 calories.

Well, for this dish I simply substituted Korean bean thread noodles with what I had on hand. I could not say it was as good as the one I had in Seoul ages ago but good enough to make me think of second serving.

Kimchi Cold Noodles

Ingredients (2 servings):
50g Bean Thread Noodles
1 cup kimchi + extra for garnish
2 tbsp sesame oil
1-2 tbsp gojuchang (korean chilli paste)
1 tsp of sugar
1 tsp roasted sesame seeds + extra for garnish
1 Japanese cucumber, shredded

  1. Soak bean thread noodles in warm water for 10 minutes, drain and transfer into iced water.
  2. Meanwhile, squeeze all liquid out from kimchi and reserve. Then, slice kimchi thinly.
  3. Drain noodles, put noodles in a large mixing bowl.
  4. Add in kimchi, kimchi liquid, sesame oil, gojuchang and sugar (dissolve in kimchi liquid if desired). Toss together till well mixed.
  5. Transfer into serving plates, top with extra kimchi and cucumber. Then, sprinkle some sesame seeds.

Comments :

5 comments to “Cold Kimchi Noodles [A Summery Dish]”
Elena said...

Wow, that's good! and what a scent of summer! I take note of preparation, intrigues me a lot.

dinewithleny said...

Wow I love kimchi...this looks delicious

Elin said...

Thanks for sharing this...less calories intake would be good for me especially I love kimchi and it goes well with noodles . I love this and I am going to make this sometimes for my meals :)

An early CNY wishes to you and family " Gong Xi Fa Cai "

sweet&spicy said...

looks soooo yummy :)

Kayla said...

Thanks for the simple yet delightful recipe. I'm probably gonna try this next week! It's getting warmer here in melbourne, and this recipe's perfect.

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