I had not tasted fennel for my past 30 years, did not know what fennel is until I came to Australia! Yesterday was the first time I cook fennel. I did not know how to cook it when I bought it. So... searched for recipe online again... thanks to internet!

Simply sauteed the fennel with olive oil, freshly cracked black peppers and pinch of salt. It was delicious... yum. Tak added extra virgin olive oil, he likes the taste of Evil. It is definitely one of my favourite vegies will try it with other cooking methods.

According to a cooking show on TV, the female fennels taste better than male fennels. How do I know which is female and which is male? Female fennel has rounder body like an onion, whereas so call male fennel has flat/thin body.

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2 comments to “Fennel”
HK Choo said...

Learnt something new today..your blog is very enlightening. Just for laughs, does it mean the female fennel is more 'voluptuous'? :D

Lydia said...

I suppose so... haha!! Remember to check out fennel's bottom when buying. :D

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