Cucur Udang or Jemput-jemput?

Madam Nor... here is the pic of cucur udang. Not sure what should I call it, used ingredients of cucur udang but cooked it like jemput-jemput. Jemput udang? lol... Felt guilty of eating oily foods and made some salad to go with it making myself feel better.

Lettuce, tomatoes and olives with lemon juice dressing.

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3 comments to “Cucur Udang or Jemput-jemput?”
Anonymous said...

are u trying to do like Indian style VADAI hah.. Udang takde besar lagi?? eeeeeeeee so oily!! KEEP IT UP!! *devil wink*

the prawn mix wif batter (wifmix vege) will be much better.. when outside is cruncy n inside is softttt..n HOT.. yum yum.

skyblue said...

I did put prawn inside the batter lah... I also think that the prawn is too big too... hehe... cos the big prawn is cheaper than the small one. Next time i'll use small one.

shasha said...

hmm,,yummy,,i like this

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