Spiral Curry Puff/螺旋咖喱角 [Karipap Pusing]

Spiral Curry Puff

I got this recipe from My Resipi was thinking to make some and keep them in the freezer for tomorrow's breakfast but I could not wait any longer once I made them. It is so good that we ate them for dinner instead of the dishes I cooked. I am determine to make this again and again maybe, until I satisfy with the swirl pattern on the crust.

The process of making this puff is actually easier than what I thought. It is similar to making the puff pastry for Portuguese egg tart. I have some leftover dough in the fridge, will use it for my Portuguese egg tart experiment tomorrow.

Spiral Curry Puff

Ingredients (32 pcs):
Oil Dough
150gm All Purpose Flour
40gm Butter
35gm Shortening

Water Dough
350gm All Purpose Flour
1 cup Water
1/2 tsp Salt

13 Jan 2007
Made puff again few days ago with tom yam flavoured tuna filling, managed to took some photos for the step-by-step direction. Lets start making puff... photos say it all....

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These is how I pleat a curry puff.


  1. Your pics IMPROVED.. heheeh baaagusssss! i loike! ..

  2. Thanks for the pictorial guide, hope I can find the time to attempt this. Will update you if it materialises *smile*

  3. Yenny Suardy12 May, 2010 07:22

    Thank you so much for your crispy curry puff recipe. I made it 2 days ago, it turned out nice as I expected.

  4. Hi Yenny,

    Thanks for dropped by and glad that your curry puff turned out great.


  5. Hi Lydia,

    Thanks heaps for the instructions. However, I'm a newbie at baking and wondering why my oil dough is crumbly, unlike yours which actually looks like pliable dough. I've used Thermomix to knead both types of dough and the water dough turns out fine but not the oil dough. Any tips would be appreciated.


  6. bake or fried the karipap?


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