Dinner Tonight

Stir fry green leafy with mushroom and firm tofu. I do not know the name of this veges, bought it days ago from Vietnamese shop for the first time. It costs $1 per bunch, cooked half of it the other day when having steamboat. It has unique taste and soft texture which Tak liked it very much. Usually he eats a bit of green leafy but for this one... he ate quite a lot. ^_^

I was telling Tak about the small fishes dinners we used to have when I was a kid. We were poor and had just enough for foods, dishes were simple those days. Mum always cook deep fried small fish, either sardine, yellow tail or kembong (cheapest) for both lunch and dinner. Each of us got one small fish sometimes the fish was bigger each of us got half, and we ate it with soy sauce and chili api (bird eye chili). Other then fish, another must have dish was a big plate of stir fry veges.

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