Tempeh oh~ tempeh, my first homemade tempeh. I had never thought of making my own tempeh when I was in Malaysia or Singapore, or even buy the raw tempeh to cook at home. Took things for granted last time as everything is readily available, varieties of tempeh dishes are available at hawker centres or food courts with reasonable price.

I got tempeh starter (sample) from Belgium that enough to make 1kg tempeh, with 300gm dried soy beans. I did not check the weather forecast before making this tempeh, got too excited when I received the starter in the mail. Soon after I finished the first step I realised that the weather was 24C which was not good for making tempeh. I had no choice but to continue with the process. Then, I was carrying the soy bean around the house finding a warm spot. Tried putting it under the light, next to oven, table lamp and at last warmed it up with the small heater that I nearly forgot.

First day had passed, nothing happening and it was cold when touched. Tak and I thought that we should not left the heater on 24hrs for 2-3 days especially at night, so it was cold until the next day. It was sunny day with 36C the next day, I placed soy bean under the sun and tried not to check it out too often. In the evening, I could feel the warmth from fermented beans! I let the fungi grow for another day. Finally, we had the first taste of homemade tempeh last night. I made some thin slices of tempeh and then deep fried until crispy. Tak loved it with mayo and wasabi.

Tempeh is originated from Indonesia but it is very popular in Malaysia as well. I find it funny that it is hard to get the tempeh starter from Asia, do they use tempeh starter at all?

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2 comments to “Tempeh”
HK Choo said...

This is interesting, home-made tempeh. Do you by any chance have the step-by-step process photo? Just curious, that's all.

Lydia said...

HK Choo,
Sorry, I dont have step by step photos but I am pretty sure you can get it online.

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