Chocolate Muffin I

Choc Muffin

I slept with sweet chocolate "aroma therapy" last night, forgot to open the door and window while baking. It is now autumn a bit cold at night so I locked myself in, the aroma from baking had no way to escape. And I am not feeling well these few days my nose only work when she feels like it, could not smell a thing until I took the muffins out from oven.

I always think that darker colour chocolate cake or muffin has richer chocolate taste, these muffins proved me wrong. They were so rich in taste, soft in texture and best of all they did not have the floury taste. But I am still wondering why dark chocolate is not dark?

Ingredients (makes 6):
150g dark chocolate
70g butter
2 large eggs
80g caster sugar
80g all purpose flour
1 tsp baking powder

  1. Preheat oven to 170C.
  2. Break chocolate into small pieces and put them in a mixing bowl together with butter. Use microwave or double boil method to melt the chocolate, stir well and set aside.
  3. In a medium bowl, beat eggs lightly and add in sugar. Stir until the sugar is dissolved.
  4. Slowly add egg mixture into melted chocolate, stir well.
  5. Fold in sifted flour and baking powder.
  6. Spoon batter into each muffin case and bake for 20 minutes.

Recipe adapted from Yani's chocolate muffin at

Comments :

4 comments to “Chocolate Muffin I”
JMom said...

That's a delicious looking muffin!

I love all your recipes, so I've added you to my links so I can come back. Thanks!

Lydia said...

Thanks kitchen "door" is open. *_^

tigerfish said...

Do you like dark chocolates? Me too! Maybe can "safe-keep" some dark choc chunks (by not melting all of it) and drop them,as-it, in the muffins.
Wonder if this will make them double dark chocolate muffins :p

BTW, I tagged you for "10 things I want for my kitchen"...Maybe you can open your kitchen "door" bigger for us :D

(Regard cereal prawns: I'm interested to know how basil leaves will turn out as substitute for curry leaves. Can't wait for your post on this, since if basil leaves works, I will stick to basil leaves too. Curry leaves are also expensive in the US! )

Lydia said...

Tigerfish, I am not realy a choc person but I love dark choc. If I would eat choc, it got to be dark choc. I guess to make it dark the cocoa powder works better? It's really hard to get baking supplies here, even cocoa powder... erggg.

Will post the 10 things for my kithen... can I ask for more? hehe

Maybe will cook cereal prawn next week, my throat is killing me. Will keep you posted.

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