Ebi Denpo-Yaki

Ebi denpo-yaki

Japanese style stuffed lobster, my first hands-on with lobster. The lobster was stuffed with scrambled egg then baked till the egg was golden brown. I added sliced cheese for my share, it was great with and without the cheese.

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3 comments to “Ebi Denpo-Yaki”
Brilynn said...

A-mazing! I loooove lobster but have only ever steamed it when I cook it myself.

tigerfish said...

Did you get fresh lobsters? Must be cheaper(and tasty too!) to cook it at home :P

Lydia said...

brilynn, this one was boiled first then stuffed and baked.

tigerfish, I bought the boiled one. I guess it was frozen lobster, but tasted fresh. After first hands on with boiled lobster, Tak asked me to make lobster sashimi at home... thrill!! I dont know how to handle live one.

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