Visited Sunny Ridge strawberry farm 2 days ago. They charged $8 per person, each person is allowed to bring home 1/2 kg of berries. So... we brought 1 kg home, still have a lot in the fridge. They have also an outlet there selling products made from or related to strawberry, such as ice cream, yogurt, wine, drink, candy, jam, chocolate-strawberry, soap, essene oil, toys... etc.


Picked 1kg... and ate a couples while picking. Very sweet!


Had some for breakfast on the following day.
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Updated 0n 16 May 2007
Sent this photo to DMBLGiT April 07 hosts by Scott from realepicurean. The round-up is available here.

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4 comments to “Strawberry!”
Hani said...

wow!! strawberries. kat farm tu boleh makan ker? or just can pick and bring home? 1kg boleh buat macam2. but my kids, sekali jeling jer lesap :D

Lydia said...

Not sure if we can eat at the farm. We were alone when picking the berries, sales staff told us to pick from the marked area. Then we picked and ate... big ones bring home and small ones we ate! So... brought home 1kg... and ate maybe 200gm? hehe... we were full when leaving the farm.

tigerfish said...

Oh goodness, the strawberris looks so good. Looks so fresh.
Those in the supermarket that come in a small pack always have some bruised strawberries.

Lydia said...

Tigerfish, they looked fresh cos just picked. Some of them started to have soft spots the next day, due to poor picking technique and handling I think. From the day I picked till today... already 4 days, they still look ok.

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