Yam Cake (芋头糕)

Steamed Yam Cake

Made yam cake aka o-kuih aka 芋头糕 (read as yu tou gao) for lunch, but this plate was my afternoon tea a few minutes ago. It was bad idea to cut the cake into small pieces, I gobbled up one after another until the whole plate is gone without realising the total quantity I actually ate. I am so full now... feel like my tummy is going to explode!

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7 comments to “Yam Cake (芋头糕)”
KJ said...

You make such interesting things. I have never heard of yam cake. It looks really good.

jo ayee said...

makan dgn sambal ikan bilis ke?sedapnya..lapar..

Mat Gebu said...

sedapnyaa....u makan utk "dua" orang jadi tak perlu bimbang makan banyak...hehehehe.

Lydia said...

KJ, similar yam cake is available at most Dim Dum restaurants. Sometimes they put together 3 types of "cakes" in a plate, which include a carrot cake (savory), a water chestnut cake(sweet) and a yam cake (savory). They are all steamed cake.

jo, I makan dgn sambal udang kering, buat banyak2 hari tu n simpan dlm peti ais.

mat,ya lah... nanti u kalah, i lebih gebu dari u!! klu makan terlalu banyak skrg, nanti berat badan susah nak turun.

Rozie said...

lydia, nk tanya...mcm mana you buat filling utk roti pita?

Lydia said...

Rozie, I buat macam sandwich filling n kekadang guna leftover dishes. Pernah buat:-

- Tuna + mayo
- Cheese + hame + salad
- Potato Salad
- Fried Chicken (leftover) + tomato sauce + salad
- Pita with leftover curry

tigerfish said...

You should have told me you are too full...then I can come over and eat :p

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