Stir-fried Kangkung (炒蕹菜)

stir fried kangkung

Mum's style stir-fried kangkung is one of the T's favourite vegetable dishes. "Your mum's style kangkung", I was surprised that T still remember the kangkung my mum cooked. At my hometown, we have free supply of kangkung whole year round there are plenty of kangkung at the waterway just in front of our house. Some nosy neighbours asked my mum why did she give us (guests from far away) kangkung because it is considered as one type of the cheap vegetables!

Mum's style stir-fried vegetables always contain either dried shrimps or dried anchovies. She does not like to use MSG, instead of MSG she adds dried shrimps or anchovies for their natural sweetness. In the old days, I hated eating dried shrimps in the stir-fried okra and always picked them out. Now, I am loving it.

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4 comments to “Stir-fried Kangkung (炒蕹菜)”
Dwiana P said...

Kangkung...... My fav!!! love it soo much. Nice recipe and nice picture as always.

Lydia said...

My favourite too... it is now in season here. T loves sambal kangkung very much, so recently I always have 1 bunch in the fridge.

Liz said...

It looks good! What else is in it? :-)

Lydia said...

Hi Liz,
Kangkung, dried shrimp, garlic and red chili... that's all.

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