Lotus Root Soup (莲耦汤)

Lotus Root Soup

Going to pasar (wet market) on the Saturdays morning is now our new routine. T was amazed by lots of things done and sold in the wet market. We visited the wet market in our area for the first time last Saturday, he stood right in front of the poultry stall watching the live chicken being sold and slaughtered. This Saturday he asked me to buy a chicken from that stall, I was a bit reluctant. Basically I do not like the idea of deciding 'someone' life, I asked him to choose one instead and at the end we bought a kampung chicken.

I used quarter of the chicken to cook this lotus root soup, added one small carrot for its colour and pinch of salt is the only seasoning. The soup is superb, we loved the natural sweetness in it. T is asking for more chicken soup so I guess more soup recipes will appear in here.
Ingredients (makes 2-3 servings):
¼ Kampung /Free Range Chicken, chopped
200 g Lotus Root, peeled and sliced
1 small carrot, chopped
1 ltr Water
Salt to taste
Chinese Celery for garnish


  1. Wash chicken pieces under running water until water running clear OR scald the chicken with boiling water and drain.
  2. Arrange chicken, lotus root and carrot, add in water and bring to boil on medium heat. Then turn the heat down, let it simmer with lid on for at least 30 minutes.
  3. Add salt to taste and let it simmer for further 10 minutes or so.
  4. Transfer to serving dish, garnish and serve warm.

Comments :

7 comments to “Lotus Root Soup (莲耦汤)”
Mat Gebu said...

Sky..kalay kat M'sia, lagi bagus u makan ayam kampung...Eh lotus root tu rasa macam mana?..nak try beli nanti..

tigerfish said...

I guess using kampung chicken should bring more good natural flavor to your soup. And kampung chicken is just like free range chicken, isnt it ? "P

Lydia said...

Mat, lotus root tu rasa mcm kacang tanah rebus sikit. supnya tak rasa sgt lotus root. ada orang suka masuk lotus root tanpa potong (buang kulit lah), bila nak makan baru potong... so texture dia lain lepas masak.

Tigerfish, i think kampung chicken is the same or similar to free range chicken but kampung chicken in Msia is much better than the FR chicken i had in Aust. I guess what they feed the chicken make the diff.

Dwiana P said...

oh dear, this soup looks enticing!

Anonymous said...

is so called 'Malay chicken' equals to kampung chicken?

Lydia said...

I think it is also called malay chicken (malai kai).

Alexia said...

sis, mana recipe? lol

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