Sambal Petai


Once my dearie asked me why not planting petai in the pot at balcony. I laughed. Should not had laughed at him the petai he knew were those peeled and/or canned. He got very excited when he saw the REAL petai in the pods, so the very first dish from my new kitchen was this smelly goody.

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5 comments to “Sambal Petai”
Dwiana P said...

OH may... I miss Petai so bad!! hardly to find here:(

Mat Gebu said...

Jgn lupa suruh TAK, tanam petai dalam pasu okeyy!!

kak pah said...

Sambal petai...wowwww my hubby fav tu.. sini kita org beli yg dlm botol dr Thai..mmg sedap jugak... kat oriental shop mmg byk..

m3rni3 said...

he liked it?!?! wow .. amazing ..

Lydia said...

dwiana, lots of petai here now... does petai has season?

Mat, tak payah tanam lah. Banyak ada juallllll

Kak Pah, dulu i beli dlm tin punya... cap ayam!

m3rni3, T is more Malaydia than me. He always ask for petai, sambal kangkung etc...

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