Chawanmushi (茶碗蒸)


Chawanmushi cooked with steamed pumpkin and tofu, tried before? Actually this chawanmushi was planned for John, but cooked adult version too for my big baby. I used mashed pumpkin for baby and diced pumpkin for adult. In my opinion, mashed pumpkin version tasted better as its smooth texture blended very well with tofu and custard, melted in the mouth. Big baby had his chilled, he loved it very much and kept reminding me to cook again.

Ingredients (4 servings):
2 large eggs
350ml stock (dashi stock + soy sauce + mirin/sake)
4 tbsp steamed pumpkin, mashed
4 slices steamed pumpkin for garnish (optional)
4 slices momen tofu

  1. Gently beat or stir to break the eggs using a fork or chopsticks.
  2. Add stock a little at a time while stirring the egg mixture, sift the mixture and set aside for later use.
  3. Place a tablespoon of mashed pumpkin and a slice of tofu in each cup, and fill the cup 80% full with egg mixture.
  4. Boil water in a steamer. Steam chawanmushi with low-medium heat for 10-12 minutes.
  5. Garnish with a slice of steam pumpkin.

P/S: Don't worry, I didn't feed John with mirin/sake.


Comments :

6 comments to “Chawanmushi (茶碗蒸)”
Food For Tots said...

It looks delicious! I luv it! Your photo is GREAT!

Lydia said...

food for tots, thanks for your compliments!

delia said...

may i know what is momen tofu? would like to try cooking this dish.

Lydia said...

delia, momen tofu is also known as silk tofu. available in the box and can be found at chiller section.

Daphne said...

Hi Lydia, may I know what is dashi stock and how to prepare it? Your chawanmushi looks delicious and I can't wait to try cooking it myself!

Lydia said...

Hi Daphne,
Dashi stock is made from dried bonito fish and konbu, by boiling the shaved fish with soaked konbu. I used the instant dashi stock, which is available at Japanese food section in the supermarket.
For chawanmushi, you can substitute dashi stock with chicken/fish/vegetable stock.
Happy cooking!

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