Assorted Sushi

Assorted sushi made with grilled eel (unagi - 鰻), salmon roe (ikura - いくら ) and omelette (tamago yaki - 玉子焼き). We visited Japanese goods distributor in Ipoh yesterday. T was very excited when he saw all his favourite food were available there. We spent quite a lot there, bought kobe beef, salmon roe, grilled eel, salmon and few other items. Salmon roe is priced at RM205 per kilogram, 1 kg per box. It sounds expensive but when compared to 1 tsp = RM6, does it sound cheaper now?
Actually T requested ikura don (いくら丼) but I thought I should have more practices in making sushi. When I was making sushi, T kept checking me out in the kitchen and I found leftover grilled eel was gone after photo shooting. He said next time we should make two plates, one for photographing and another for eating.
I have posted sushi rice dressing recipe before, so I would not blog about it again. Instead, let me share with you guys tips for cooking good steamed rice using rice cooker I got from T's aunt in Japan.
  1. Rinse rice for a few times until water is running clear.
  2. Fill in water according to the amount of rice.
  3. Soak for 10 to 15 minutes.
  4. Turn on the rice cooker, and cook rice as usual.
  5. Once cooked, turn the power off and keep the cover on for 10 to 15 minutes.
  6. Ready to serve.
I made two types of sushi, nigiri-zushi (握り寿司, hand-formed sushi) and gunkan-maki (軍艦巻, warship roll). Actually gunkan-maki is one type of nigiri sushi, which has a seaweed strip wrapped around an oval shape rice ball to form a warship and it is filled with loose ingredients such as salmon roe, natto, chopped octopus and so forth.
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I am learning Japanese, so I am trying to include some Japanese characters whenever possible. If there is a mistake, please do no hesitate to let me know. TIA.

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6 comments to “Assorted Sushi”
soo sean said...

Where is the Ipoh shop? Plan to give a visit.
But if it is selling fish roe in 1kg package, wouldn't it be too much to consume?

Lydia said...

soo sean, 1kg ikura is too much for one time consumption unless you are having a party. But, it can be divided into small packs and keep in the freezer. When you need it, just take a pack out and thaw.

Address as follows:
Lian Come Distribution Sdn Bhd
1A, Persiaran Rapat Baru 1
Medan Lapangan Lagenda
31350 Ipoh

Danny Gan (Managing Director)
012-521 9800

It is somewhere opposite the sam poh tong, the sign outside the shop is something like Morning Market, if I remember corrently. Remember to bargain... :D

zaliana said...

cantiknya..mcm yg biasa tengok kat sushi king tu

Lydia said...

Thanks. Susah betul nak ambil gambar sushi, sbb seaweednya kejap je jadi layu.

Cheek Eyka said...

lydia :: sya nk cuba buat sushi nie..tapi sya x tau nak cari bhn kat mana...sya duk kat kampung...
leh tolong bantu sya x??

Lydia said...

Cheek Eyka,
Nori dan beras utk sushi ada jual kat Tesco, Sumo Rice / Nishiki. Cuka pula boleh guna cuka putih biasa kita guna utk buat acar tu, tambah gula and garam cukup rasa. Tak letak konbu pun tak apa.

Topping pula boleh buat yg senang, timun, telur, sosej, udang, crab stick. Tuna dlm tin pun jadi.

Selamat mencuba.

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