Pineapple Chicken in Tomato Sauce /茄汁凤梨鸡/ケチャップパインアップルチキン

Pineapple Chicken

Do you have any dishes that bring back memories for you? I have quite a few, such as onion omelette, red rice wine ginger chicken, Bahulu and this one. Certain things I do not want to remember but once I saw the dish, it pulled out associated memories in no time. Also, sometimes I cooked a dish I had not had for long to bring back those moments or people I missed. Did you do that too?

This is a simple dish, I guess some of you may have cooked it many times. Why is it special to me? It was 15 years ago, in December I remember. I was staying at one of my sisters' house before starting my first job in Singapore. During which, my dear sis was at my mom's place for her confinement so I cooked for my brother in-law and his mother. I cooked this dish one day, she loved it very much. The next day, she bought a duck and asked me to cook the same one for her (I am glad I did).

Few days later, she was hospitalised due to her health condition. It was my first time sending someone to hospital, and in an ambulance too. Two days later, she passed away. I had to depart to Singapore on her funeral day, all by myself. Our plan was my brother in-law to bring me to my workplace and show me around. I was so scared and my mind was blank. A small village teenage girl had so many new experiences in just a few days, I will remember for life.

Pineapple Chicken

Well, lets talk about this appetizing dish. The chicken is so tender, not to forget the flavourful sauce. I love it with steamed rice, but it can also be served with pasta or noodles. Why not make it for a main course? Use halved or quartered chicken instead and reduce the sauce further. By the way, I like to use fresh pineapple in cooking and honey pineapple is my favourite.

Pineapple chicken/凤梨鸡/パインアップルチキン

Ingredients (2-3 servings):

500g chicken, chopped into small pieces
½ pineapple, sliced thickly
1 large tomato, chopped
3-4 cloves garlic, chopped
2 slices ginger (optional)
1 tbsp cooking oil
¼ cup ketchup (or more if more gravy is desired)
1 tbsp sugar
1 tbsp chili paste (optional)
1 cup water
Salt to taste
Spring onion or coriander for garnish

  1. Heat oil in pan or wok, stir in garlic and pineapple. Stir fry on medium heat for about 1 minute.
  2. Add in chicken pieces and stir fry until all sides are seared.
  3. Add in sugar, ketchup and chili paste. Stir until chicken pieces are coated with sauce.
  4. Add in tomato, ginger and water, bring to boil then let it simmer with lid on for about 5 minutes.
  5. Add salt to taste, and let it simmer for another 5 minutes or until sauce is reduced.
  6. Transfer to serving plate, garnish if desired.

Pineapple Chicken

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  1. wow, the chicken looks yummy.. :) Dropping by for my very 1st time.. many good food in ur blog.. really enjoy it.. thx ^_^

  2. My mouth it watering just looking at this! Reading the recipe, my brain tells me, "John, this will be delicious. You want to make this." Boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy ... :-)

  3. O my. It's 10:39 pm here and this dish is making my tummy growl. I can imagine how tasty it is over a bowl of piping hot jasmine rice. Nom nom nom nom nom!

  4. This recipe sounds very yummy!!! I love anything with pineapple....shall try this in near future :)Thanks for sharing!

  5. This pineapple chicken sounds really tasty!

  6. Hi,I have visited your blog 3-4 times now. You have some Great recipes and amazing pictures. I have currently started writing a blog. Its mostly Indian food and some of my Favorite international food.

  7. I have added your blog to my fav list> i hope you dont mind.

  8. Ooh, I tried your recipe and loved the spicy sweet flavor! I had to make a few alterations because I was using whole thighs, but it turned out beautifully. Thanks for the post.

  9. This looks delicious! I would give it a try.

  10. Rachel,
    Welcome to My Kitchen!

    It is yummy for pineapple lovers.

    John Newman,
    Hope you enjoy this dish as much as you enjoy looking at the photo.

    Our Lives in Food & More,
    Tasty gravy mixed with steamed rice... and juicy pineapple.

    Looks like your "too cook" list is getting longer. :D

    Thanks for dropped by... hope you will like it.

    Thanks for visiting My Kitchen. Please feel free to link to my blog.

    Glad that you loved it. Care to share your tips / changes you made?

    Hope you will like it... btw, do you like hot/spicy food?

  11. Hihi (a question please),

    I just discovered your cooking blog and I am really enjoying reading all the posts.
    This pineapple chicken sounds yummy and I look forward to trying it.
    I was wondering if you can tell me more about the chili paste. What brand do you use? Is Siracha (spelling) a good one to use here, or should I use Sambal olek instead. Both taste a little different though, am not too familiar with chili paste since I do not cook much with it. Any advice is appreciated.

  12. Hi,

    Thanks for dropped by.

    I am now in Malaysia, I used those chilli paste (aka cili boh) sold in plastic container or packet (Puteri Brand).

  13. i cooked this pineapple chicken yesterday as my lunch box today.

    increase one tomatoe and ignore tomatoe source only put in the chilli source.

    didn't put water as well becoz don't know why, the pineaple water all come out.

    still taste very good... my hsbd love it.

  14. Anonymous,

    Thanks for dropped by with feedback. Did you stir fry the pineapple a little? It will help to caramalise the pineapple and lock in more moist/juice.

  15. Hi Lydia,

    I finally got to try your recipe - I had posted awhile back asking what kind of chili paste you used. Ended up using Scirachha myself. The dish was quite good. We really enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing!

  16. Anonymous,

    Thanks for posting your feedback here. Perhaps I should try it with Scirachha (if I can get hold of it) one day. Glad that you enjoyed it.

  17. would cook this recipe this coming sept.16,2009 to let my visitors ,school childrens n senyor citizens taste your yummy "Pineapple Chicken in tomato sauce.
    i am planing to give feeding to them on my natal day.
    thanks n more power to you.


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