Mom's Homemade Spring Roll (春卷/薄饼)

Po Piah

To many westerners, spring roll is usually referred to the deep-fried mini size spring rolls served in dim sum restaurants. In Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore, non-fried or fresh spring roll made with homemade pastry (skin) is very popular. Each region has their own unique flavour in fillings, but one of the common ingredients is jicama or yam bean.

I have tried several different versions of spring roll in both Singapore and Malaysia, but none of those are similar to my mom's version. Mom's one-dish filling is cooked with jicama, long bean, bean sprout, firm bean curd and other stuff. Also, she did not add shrimp paste and crushed peanut. Mom is retired from selling spring roll but the flat pan she used for making the wrapper is still her treasure. Well, she would never retire from making it for her children, grandchildren and close relatives. It is a good dish to prepare for a gathering, both adults and children would have so much funs rolling up their own spring roll.

Po Piah

To make fresh spring roll, the wrapper or pastry is the most important part. It must be thin and soft but strong enough to wrap in heaps of fillings. By the way, I love spring rolls with less amount of filling. Those slim spring rolls in the photo were for me.

Here is the recipe for the wrapper, filling is all up to individual preferences... I keep my mom's recipe for time being.

Ingredients (makes 24 pcs+):

  • 2 cups all-purpose flour
  • 1 egg white
  • ¾ cup water
  • 1 tbsp vinegar
  • pinch of salt


  1. Put all ingredients in a mixing bowl and mix well. Let it rest for about an hour or longer. The consistency should be in between batter and dough, must be able to transfer to pan with hand.
  2. Heat non-stick pan on lowest heat and grease lightly with cooking oil. I always wipe the pan with paper towel after greasing.
  3. Take handful of batter and spread onto the pan (as thin as possible) quickly with circular motion to make a 15-20cm pancake.
  4. Cook for 5-10 seconds, flip over and cook for another 5 seconds. Ready to use.
  5. Cooked wrapper must be covered with cling wrap or damp cloth to prevent drying out.

Comments :

13 comments to “Mom's Homemade Spring Roll (春卷/薄饼)”
Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for posting this recipe! I haven't had this spring roll for more than 15 years! Miss it so much! Can't wait to make it soon!
Thank you again!

Anonymous said...

Your family is so lucky to have you! You have been making very nice dishes. This recipe seems pretty hassle free. I will definitely try it out soon. Thanks!

y3k said...

Hi Lydia,

Please contact me at 012-3723123.


Chris said...

Hi, very excited when I saw the recipe and tried it right there and then! Sad to say it didn't work..wonder if u can give any pointers on how u got the batter to form on the pan as I had total failure with it.

Lydia said...

Anonymous and Our Lives in Food & More:
No problem. Quick note, this recipe is easy but need lots of practices to make good wrapper/skin. All the best!

I have sent you sms.

Sorry to hear that. Dont give up, lots of practices needed to make good wrapper/skin. If you really have problem spreading batter with hand, try to use a spoon or spatula for spreading. I have made this many times, I still have some problem sometimes.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Your DIY the spring roll wrapper? So geng! And it looked exactly what is selling at supermarket. But I am sure yours taste better.

For me, I like spring roll with more fillings. Have you tried salad spring roll?

Sally said...

thx so much for sharing this recipe. Since I was in States, I had not yet taste any fresh spring roll skins. I used to had them fresh back from my hometown at Klang, Selangor. I will definitely try your recipe and share with my family here!!!

Paula Pacheco said...

Hi Lydia, I loved your asian food, and the photos seems nice. I'm living in Brasil, but my grandmonther are chinese, thatś the reason I like dim sum, fish, shrimps and so always post delicious food.When I have time I want to see all recipes of you. Hugs!!

Lydia said...

Yeap, I made my own spring roll if making fresh spring roll. But the one I made is smaller than my mom made, my skill is not as good as her yet. :d
Salad spring roll with this type of wrapper? Not yet... but I tried it with rice paper (vietnamese style).

Thanks for dropped by. My hometown is near to Klang... almost same kampung. :D Hope you like thie recipe.

Paula Pacheco,
Thanks for dropped by too. I have just posted another dim sum recipe, happy cooking!!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

For me, you are consider a pro in baking and cooking:-)

Yes, the salad spring roll is wrapped in this type of skin.
Do you know Mid Valley Shopping Centre? I tried it at the food court there.

Anonymous said...

This looks fantastic and I love that it's not fried! Brilliant.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I'll be happy if you can also share out how you cook the "stuff" to put inside the spring rolls. I really miss my belated grandma's spring rolls.

-Kim Lee

Lydia said...

I think I know the "salad" spring roll you mentioned. I called it Singaporean style as I first had it in Singapore.

Kim Lee,
My mom's filling recipe roughly like this...

Heat oil in pan, fry chopped shallot and garlic.

Add in soaked dried shrimp, cook for awhile then add in minced pork (with some fats) and cook till mince is almost done.

Stir in chopped long bean, shredded jicama, and shredded carrot (optional).

Cook till veges are softened, add ground pepper, salt and sesame oil.

Cook till liquid is reduced, add in bean sprouts (tau geh), stir for few seconds and remove from heat. Ready.

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