Omelette - Do you need tips?

Special Omelette

Omelette is one of my favourite dishes, to cook and to eat. Or maybe I should say I like everything with egg! T likes western-style omelette with cheese for breakfast, but not any Chinese-style omelettes. Luckily, I have a little sumo to share this dish with.

I guess everyone can cook omelette, so I would not share my omelette recipe here. Instead, here are few tips for making good omelette.

Special Omelette

  1. Add some corn or tapioca starch in the omelette to produce better texture and shape. It would not break apart easily when flipping. How? Dissolve starch in the water first before adding into egg mixture.
  2. Add in some milk, stock or water to make omelette soft and moist.
  3. Heat the wok or pan until it is really hot before adding oil. And, when the oil is really hot then start cooking. This is to prevent omelette from sticking to the wok or pan. In fact, this tip is good for any pan-fry cookings.
  4. At the beginning of cooking process, add half amount of the oil to cook ingredients like onion or prawn. After pour in egg mixture then add in more oil if necessary. This is to prevent oil from being absorbed by other ingredients and the omelette ended up with tons of oil in it.

Maybe you have already know all these tips... so what are your tips or tricks for making good omelette?

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4 comments to “Omelette - Do you need tips?”
kat said...

Hi Lydia! Gorgeous looking eggs. I also put cornflour in my egg. I learnt that while watching the oh-chien man fry his soft and moist oh-chien omelette.

BTW I'd like to ask an unrelated question, if we don't have sake in a recipe, what can we use to substitute with? Or can we omit altogether?

Lydia said...

Hi Kat, thanks for the compliments. I got that tip from cooking program too.

Ad for the sake, you can substitute with chinese rice wine if available. My second choice will be shaoxing or hua tiao. All the best!

Ardentgailla said...

Those are some very good tips. I will definitely keep them in mind. I, too, love to cook omelets. I think my favorite is tamagoyaki and I like to put cheese and seaweed in it.

Tebonin said...

Your blog just make me miss home much. I never tired put milk in this dish.I will try with milk

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