Secret Ingredient [Guess Guess Guess]

Secret Ingredient

Further to my post about blog event, many thanks to those who participated in the event. However, the goodies bag I prepared is still with me - no one got the right answer yet. Perhaps I was too stingy about the hint then. With photograph and more hints, hopefully YOU will get it right this round.

Okay... here you go...
  • it is a Japanese ingredient
  • it can be eaten straight from the packet

Send me your answer together with email address in the comment before 30 May 2010. The winner will be announce on 1st June 2010, first correct answer will receive a goodies bag. Why wait?

Comments :

13 comments to “Secret Ingredient [Guess Guess Guess]”
Hani said...

nak try gak la... :D
first time I saw on previous entry, I thought powdered houji-cya, but then from your hint, I think shio kombu is the right answer.. betul ker?? :D

Lydia said...

Kak Hani,
betul ke tidak tunggu eh...

The rest... keep guessing. :d

Kristie said...

shio kombu - bull kelp

grub said...

beef jerky

Anonymous said...

tsukudani made of Burdock root or Konbu (kelp).

Vivien said...

beef jerky or horse meat jerky

yeoh said...

my guess......beef jerky

Juliana said...

Well, maybe tofu?

lee said...


Lucy said...

pickled ginger?

carrie said...

hi, I guess it's Kombu, AKA kelp. =)

My email add is

Mary said...

gobo? Also known as burdock.

Lydia said...

Dear all,

Thanks for your participation, it does look like jerky.

It's time to reveal the answer.... it is not jerky....

answer is....

"Kombu with soy sauce and bonito".

The goodies bag goes to Hani, first closest answer I have received.

Thanks all.

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