Tofu Meatball Soup [Simple Refreshing Soup]

Tofu-meatball Soup

Simple soup cooked with leftover tofu meatball from dinner. I did not planned to cook the meatball until I saw a pack of frozen firm tofu deep in the fridge. So, what I did was defrosted it, then squeezed all the liquid out before breaking them into crumbles.

For the meatballs, I used this chicken-tofu patties recipe but deep-dried them instead of pan-fried. Had the freshly fried ones with some chilli sauce and mayonnaise. Cooked the leftover in ikan bilis (dried anchovies) stock with some cabbage. It was great with fried rice, a quick lunch for John and I.

Do not throw away frozen tofu! It is prefect for this recipe, where the water in tofu should be removed.

Tofu-meatball soup

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