Orange Marmalade/香橙果酱/オレンジマーマレード

Orange Marmalade

I made some orange marmalade (or I should call it jam?) with juicer pulp of 10 oranges. It would be wasteful if throwing away the pulp with lots of juice in it, not just moist but juicy. Obviously our juicer did not do a good job. I personally do not like to use juicer not to mention about the waste, it is so troublesome to clean and put it away after use. Once awhile, for good reasons - J's activity and experience.

Well, perhaps I should thank my poor juicer for a jar (plus few tablespoons) of tasty marmalade. We had it with scones for afternoon tea the other day. T is a big fan of marmalade, thumb's up from him.


Zest of 2-3 oranges
Zest of 1 lemon
Pulp from juicer (10 oranges), remove membranes
Juice of 1 lemon
Sugar to taste*

* It depends on how sweet you like it. I prefer sourly jam, didn’t put a lot of sugar as the oranges were quite sweet. Recommend to taste and adjust the sweetness as you’re cooking it.

  1. In a pot, bring all the ingredients together. 
  2. Bring to a boil then simmer on low heat without cover.
  3. Stir constantly and remove chunks or membranes, if any.
  4. Cook until thick paste is formed.
  5. Remove from the heat and transfer to a jar while it is still hot.


  1. Your marmalade is absolutely beautiful, Lydia and I somehow feel 'so safe' looking at it- all real wholesomeness without additives and strange ingredients :)

  2. Marmalade and scone, what an awesome pair. I find Jack LaLanne's juicer very good, but still a bit troublesome to wash. For sure you won't be making marmade with the orange pulp.

  3. I should try your menu..looks delicious .

  4. Just stumbled upon your blog, I think it's beautiful! You've done a very good job! Thumbs up :).

  5. You mention the rind of 2-3 oranges and the pulp from the juicer of 10 oranges...are you also incorporating the juice from those 10 oranges? My last attempt at orange marmalade was a very expensive disaster. Too much water and a nasty after taste...ugh! You don't mention using the extracted orange juice or any water so I'm confused. I'd love to get a marmalade that tastes like oranges and not some sickeningly sweet, lackluster tasting sop like the last recipe I tried. Can't wait for your feedback! Thanks much!

  6. Hi Dianna,

    We drank the juice :D

    For information, no single drop of water is needed when making jam. If you wish you can add some lemon juice, adding water will shorten the shelf-life of jam.

    I used the by-product (pulp) but you can use orange segments, cook until thick paste then add in desired amount of sugar and continue to cook till spreadable paste. Please note, when the jam is chilled it will be thickened further.

    Store-bought marmalade usually with some setting agents added, it is jelly-like.

    All the best!

  7. How much sugar did you end up using? trying to eat healthier and not sure if we'd be wanting to do this if it requires cups and cups of sugar

  8. Hey there - not sure if my last comment went through or not so I'm trying it out again :P ...

    Quick question for ya - how much sugar did you end up using? My wife and I are trying to eat healthier and I always hate throwing away all the pulp after juicing. Not sure if I should try this out or if its going to require multiple cups of sugar...

  9. Hi Eric,
    Got your comments. :D
    Well, the amount of sugar is depending on the sweetness of oranges you use, and the sweetness of the jam preferred. I don't remember how much sugar I used but definitely not multiple cups.

    FYI, I used navel orange 4012 which was quite sweet. Ya, I would only buy either 4012 or 4013 oranges.

  10. That little cake looks tempting. I need it know!!

  11. Made Juice from left over Cuties and Halos. No sugar needed diluted the juice with water. Great taste. used the pulp, 2 cups, made marmalade did not add sugar, added a tablespoon of Splenda results were great.

  12. Processed about 30 Cuties and Halos left over from Christmas. Juice was thick so diluted with water. Used the pulp, 2 cups, to make marmalade. I did add two teaspoons of Splenda to give a jam/jelly like taste. Excellent marmalade.

  13. @Pharasee,

    Thanks for dropped by! Homemade marmalade is the best.

  14. oh i just made a jar and i love it ! even my brother who’s my biggest food critic said, “where did you buy this? it’s so legit delish!” thanks for sharing ❤️

  15. Glad that both of you love it!

  16. If you dont want to use white or brown sugar, use jaggery instead. The yellow jaggery is very sweet and it is a much healthier option. Jaggery is made from thickened sugar cane juice. Available as chunks or powder in Indian stores. The chunks can be easily melted during cooking or melt them first with a bit of water in a microwave.

  17. I just made it from my daily orange-pineapple pulp leftover, adding a banana and an apple on top of it... so good! Thank you )


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