Salad with Sakura Ebi [Spring is here!]

'Salad with Sakura Ebi

Sakura Ebi (桜えび/桜海老) aka cherry shrimp was the only item I requested for when dear MIL asked for the shopping list before sending us parcel. I was shy to ask for other stuff as she had bought many items for boys. I received a few packets of dried sakura ebi which came with two different sizes.

I have not prepared any dishes using sakura ebi before this, searched online for recipes and found lots of them on cookpad (Japanese version). At last, I decided on this simple salad and served with sesame dressing (goma dare -胡麻ダレ) for my first hands-on with sakura ebi.

Salad with Sakura Ebi

The salad was prepared with vegetables available in the fridge - cabbage, kyuri (Japanese cucumber), and carrot, then drizzled goma dare over and sprinkled with toasted sakura ebi . The dried sakura ebi can be eaten from the packet, but toasted ones have crispy texture and enhanced aroma.

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