Barley Jellly [My Kitchen 6th Anniversary Giveaway]

Barley Jelly

Do you like my kitty with freckles? This barley jelly aka agar-agar was made with leftover barley soup I cooked last night. I ground the barley before cooking, it cooked faster and better for little ones digestion. In fact, J and I love barley both in sweet and savory version. He called it "dou dou" (bean) soup.

Barley Jelly

2 cups barley soup (with sugar added)
½ sachet agar-agar powder (7g/sachet)
  1. Add agar-agar powder into room temperature barley soup, stir till well blended.
  2. Bring to a boil with low-medium heat. Stir constantly.
  3. Transfer to mould and cool then chill before serving.
Silicon Kitty Moulds
Silicon kitty moulds I used for this jelly.

Okay, now is the most important part I am gonna make it short and straight forward. I am giving away SIX goodie bags for MK's 6th birthday celebration. Well, I have not decided all items to be included in the bag yet but for sure some of these items will be in the bag.  

How to participate?
  1. "Like" My Kitchen page on Facebook, the "Like" button is located at the top-right corner.
  2. Leave a comment in THIS post, tell me (1)which item in this album that you wish to have and (2)your FB ID if it is different from your blogger ID.
  3. Please comment before 14 May 2011, 23:59PM Malaysia time.
  4. Winners will be randomly draw by my 3-year old boy and the result will be posted on My Kitchen and My Kitchen on Facebook.
Thank you very much for supporting My Kitchen and participation. Good luck!

Comments :

27 comments to “Barley Jellly [My Kitchen 6th Anniversary Giveaway]”
JeNNy LoW(JniE) said...

cool man...
im the 1st ~ wu lalala ~ i love u baby ^^v

-i LIKE ur FB page last 2 week ago ~

-i wish to have a blue bento set
(Bento Box 3 Tiers Blue x 1) &
my FB id is Jnie Lcc
(my blog :

-i had done the comment by today ~
-Thanks MK...& 3-year old handsome boy boy~

Alice said...

like your fb just now - even though been liking ur blog long time ago :P

wish to have Silicon lolly-pop chocolate mould - simply cos my boy and girl love them :)
my FB id = Alice Prasetyo

time flies - 6 years of blogging!
btw, the jelly looks delish!

ShidaGhazali said...

hai.. just LIKE ur FB...

i wish to have this Silicon Mould
Animal x 1 set, because i'm crazy to make some "agar2", if i get it...

my Fb id is Imaan Ghazali
my blog:

Cynthia said...

Like FB Page - tick

Item in FB - The Nori Puncher (Bear) - tick

My FB ID - Cynthia Wong
Blog -

Happy 6th blog birthday.. and hope I am better luck.. :D Thanks!

hsling said...


Silicon Spatula
Green x 1
Blue x 1

FB ID: hsling

Anonymous said...

That is one cute kitty jelly

I like the
Bento Box
Two Tiers Marching Bear x 1 or the
Silicon lolly-pop chocolate mould x 1

I didn't know if it's numbered or not for the fb id.
FB ID: mori.esque

CaThY said...

Awesome stuffs in your album. But but but.... can I have either the cute minnie or mickey bento lunch box? Simply hard to resist such cute stuffs! ;)

sean said...

也成为你的follow (关注者)
like your fb just now.

bento animal shapes
little skewers

Fb id : chua soke sean

希望我是幸运的。 ^^

Maria said...

wow that jelly looks so adorable so cute!looks like i cant eat it when its on my plate.

HK Choo said...

Like-d in Facebook

Congratulations on MK's 6th birthday, and many more to come!
If I get lucky, I would like item #8, the Minnie bento
box. Thanks Lydia for having this give-away.

Mima said...

All the items are so cute - it is hard to decide on just one. I think I would like the kitty mold because it is so cute! My FB and Blogger ID are different - FB is Alee Webb

MeRy said...

1. Like ur FB
2. Bento Box
Two Tiers Marching Bear x 1
3. FB name : Mery sia
Blog :

Good luck to me....!!

Deuan said...

I'm your fan from Thailand...thanks for sharing many good recipes for us.

I found you by searching Nonya recipe ( I'm so impress of Singapore series "Little Nonya")and your blog is so wonderful.Your Nonya style pork rib is so good... easy to cook and so it!!!

KatK said...

Hi Lydia,

Been following your blog for many years now. Just LIKE your FB.

Would like to have: Two tiers marching bear or Silicon lolly-pop chocolate mould.

FB name: Kathleen Kiew Y Y

p.s. Happy 6th blog-Birthday!

Rabiatun Adawyah said...

Hi Lydia,

Congratulation on My Kitchen 6th. Birthday! Hopefully MK will more successfull..

I wish to have the silicone mould or 9 pcs animal shape cutters
my FB: Rabiatun Adawyah
my blog :

thanks Lydia.

nOOrsha said...

y lydia...
happy 6th anniversary to MY KITCH3N...!~
i love your blog, n you know what, i am your silent reader of your blog since 2007... i follow all ur recipes posted in since 2006 and i am one of ur big fan..dis is serious, no bodek² yer.. hehehe... btw, i already LIKE mykitchen page in facebook few months ago...

erm... actually i love all toys in ur album, but love at the first sight with Floral Silicon Mould.. hehehe.. can i choose more than one? cannot ea? hehe.. it's ok then... hahaha..

my FB : Noorsha Dhira Darwish
my blog :

Crumbs N Crust said...

Congratulations on your 6th Anniversary...Love reading your blog = )
I've been a silent follower and wish to continue reading more from you = )

Wah.... all so cute ! Would love to have the Sandwich cutter , Blue Dolphin Bento box, Silicon Spatula or any of the silicone moulds or cutters = )

Thank you for the giveaways.


Kitchen Boy said...

Wow, this is first time I know soup also can create jelly version. How about its taste ?

CheezyHeart said...

Like FB Page - Done!
I like Item in FB - The Nori Puncher (flower/ Bear)
FB's id: Madelyn Wee

Jeannie said...

What a cute jelly mould! Great way to make the kids eat their barley, grinding them :) I always ended up throwing the barley away!

Lydia said...

Dear all,
Thanks for comment and participation in give-away event.

Kitchen Boy,
Well, it tasted like barley jelly, agar2 with barley taste.

My boy and I always "clean" the pot, now little one also eating.

Zita said...

Congratulations on My Kitchen 6th.Birthday!

I wish to have the Silicon Spatula
Green x 1
Blue x 1

God Blessed

Zita said...

Congratulations on My Kitchen 6th.Birthday!

I wish to have the Silicon Spatula
Silicon Spatula
Green x 1
Blue x 1

FB:Zita Kong


Eleana said...

Hi! I would love love love the egg moulds, though the ones you had before of a bunny were even cuter!

FB- pokeleana

Congrats on your six years!

cubie said...

Congratulations on My Kitchen 6th birthday... your chiffon cakes look amazing... my attempt not successful :(

I like the dolphin bento box or marching bear bento box

FB Sheehwa Ng

Thank you :)

Nicole Low said...

Congrats on my kitchen 6th bufday..
I wish to have the Bento Box Two Tiers Marching Bear x 1..
My facebook id is Nicole Low(
Thank you..~

Lydia said...

Two mail entries received during blogger downtime:

Thursday, 12 May, 2011 7:17 PM

I want to enter to the 6th anniversary competition but i cant enter my comments there, i dint know why.

if this mail is valid i would like to request for Bento-9 pcs assorted cutter set. thats have been a dream of mine for a long or
sandwich sealer. I never seen such one before. From your selection only i saw it.

Thank you very much for the thought of sharing your marvelous collection with others, thats very generous, God will bless you and your family

Best Regards


Thursday, 13 May, 2011 8:22 AM
Liked My Kitchen FB.
I would be happy with any of the bentos in the album.

Thanks in advance.



Dear all,

Thanks for your entry. Draw result wil be out tomorrow. GOOD LUCK!


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