Chinese Steamed Bun with Yam [芋头鲜奶馒头]

Steamed Bun with Yam

Yes, you are looking at the right photo. It was Chinese steamed bun with yam served with cheese and veggies sticks we had for breakfast. Sliced bun was pan-fried with tinny bit of butter till golden brown, slightly crispy on the outside and soft inside. Never expected yam and cheese is such a good combination.

First time made steamed bun with bread flour and milk, quite happy with the result even though my buns did not turned out as fine as I wished.

Steamed bun with yam

Recipe is from here available in Chinese version, translated to English as follows:

Ingredients (makes 5 jumbo buns):
500g bread flour (100%)
50g fine granulated sugar (10%)
4-5g instant dry yeast (1+1/4 tsp, 0.8% - 1%)
275-300g milk (55%-60%)
15g unsalted butter (3%)

250g yam, cut into 1cm long thin strips (I used cubed yam) and air-dried

  1. Mix together all ingredients except yam, knead till soft and smooth dough is formed. When pull, thin film of dough can be seen.
  2. Add in yam strips, knead into dough till well combined.
  3. Divide into 5 equal portions and shape into a ball. Place shaped dough on a piece of non-stick paper and place directly into steamer rack. (I made mine into smaller size, more buns)
  4. Rest for 20-30minutes.
  5. Steam with medium heat for 20 minutes. (I preheated my steamer)
Steamed Bun with Yam
Look at this super springy bun!

Comments :

3 comments to “Chinese Steamed Bun with Yam [芋头鲜奶馒头]”
Anonymous said...

Looks good and soooo.... springy.

Cannot wait to try!

Jeannie said...

I am impressed! I have not tried making buns with yam, it's expensive! Maybe I'll substitute with sweet potatoes:D Thanks for sharing!

Lydia said...

Should be nice with sweet potato too. If you go to the original recipe page, you can see another version of steamed bun made with mashed yam (250g yam, steamed n mashed, add brown sugar and butter). Perhaps you can try sweet potato with that version too.

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