Fried Scallop with Sichimi [A Versatile Condiment]

Fried scallop with sichimi

I have been clearing out dried food keeping in the refrigerator lately. Cleared many stuff yet still many to clear. I had a container of dried scallop queued up in there, stared at me every time I opened the refridgerator. It was from my brother and mom, meant for boys porridge but they rarely eat porridge nowadays.

To clear all stock at once, first recipe came to my mind was XO sauce but later on I decided on this one as it is more versatile. This condiment goes very well with dishes like noodles/pasta, salad and steamed mince. Sichimi (七味) is a chili-based Japanese mixed spice containing seven ingredients and often used in soup, ramen and stew dishes.

This is a "throw-and-cook" recipe, so no precise measurement.

Dried scallop
Cooking oil + sesame oil (4:1)

  1. Soak scallop till softened, drain and reserve water for other purpose. Break scallop into small pieces and rub in pinch of salt if necessary.
  2. Heat oil in small pot, fry scallop with low heat till browned lightly. 
  3. Add in sichimi and continue to fry with low heat till golden brown.
  4. Cool completely before storing into container.

Fried Scallop

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