Baked Rice Ship [Hanami Thru My Eyes]


In Japan, fresh mushrooms prices are relatively cheap except button mushroom. The most recent trip to supermarket I bought two packs of Enoki mushroom at 98yen, stocked up my mushroom stock again. Now, I have three types of mushroom in the refrigerator - Enoki, Shimeji and Shiitake mushroom. What is your favourite mushroom? 

This is another easy vegetarian dish I prepared for next issue of Y3K Recipes (May/Jun), baked rice in a "ship" with enoki mushroom and cheese topping. And, I named it Baked Rice Ship. It is something that can be eaten like finger food, suitable for obento and party. The combination of crispy tofu puff (when hot) and melted cheese tasted so good!

  • 4 pcs tofu puff
  • 8 heap tbsp cooked rice, mix with pinch of salt
  • 2 slices cheese, divide each slice into 4
  • 1 portion of Sesame-Mayonnaise Enoki Stir-Fry
  • Some boiled edamame or green peas

  1. Cut each tofu puff into halves, stuff each half with 1 heap tablespoon of rice.
  2. Then, fill in stir-fried enoki and edamame.
  3. Cover each "ship" with a piece of cheese, then toast in a toaster for 5 to 7 minutes.
  4. Serve warm.
* * *
Here are few photos I took two days ago when we had hanami at Ide Town (southern part of Kyoto). It was a great day for hanami, sunny and not so windy. In fact, I hoped for a windy day so we can enjoy the snowing-petals.

Sakura Matsuri - Ide Town
On the way, five minutes from home roughly. Beautiful sakura trees along the roadsides.

Sakura Matsuri - Ide Town 
At the sakura matsuri, Ide Town

Sakura Matsuri - Ide Town

We were welcomed with such nice view and later we had our picnic at riverside too.


Closed up of sakura at the tree trunk!

Comments :

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

cheese on top of tofu puff, this is too good. I love all your sakura photos, so so beautiful, hopefully one day I am able to view it by myself..

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