Made kimchi many times but this is the first time I did not chop the cabbage. Less preparation and yet better presentation. Check out the chopped cabbage version, I think you will agree with me. Right?

Before storing, I rolled together two leaves of cabbage. Marinated cabbage can be rolled up easily and neatly. I did not make special effort to search for Korean chilli powder, used local chilli powder for this batch of kimchi instead. The colour was not as bright as the one using Korean chilli powder and it was also spicer. Taste wise, not much different. I am going to post some dishes cooked with kimchi in next few days, stay tuned if you are kimchi lover.


Recipe from here.

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12 comments to “Kimchi”
Alexia said...

wah...too far to compare isn't it? lol...this one looks delicious, make me some next time sis..I want those with fried dried fish like selling at the restaurant. kekeke

mycookinghut said...

I have to admit this version is nicer !! It's been a long time I haven't had kimchi.. I am looking forward to your recipes!

Isha said...

wow looks really good and yummy too

MyLastBite said...

My mouth is watering!

Lydia said...

No problem at all, but pls remind me.

I am using the recipe at my old link, will update the link in this post too.

Thanks... do you like kimchi too?

Welcome to My Kitchen.

gaga said...

That is some of the prettiest kimchi I've seen. I'm sure it tastes great too!

Lydia said...

gaga, thanks for dropping by and compliments.

bee said...

beautiful. thanks for your entry.

pixen said...

Kimchi, one of my top favourite pickles! I have to stop eating it after my neighbour said I was pregnant because she said my eyes shined whenever Kimchi was mentioned. Well, I was pregnant without me knowing it...LOL.

You have wonderful inspiring blog with loads of gorgeous picts and recipes. Glad I found your blog!

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

Lydia said...

Thanks for compliments, have a great year ahead.

We (ya, my hb too) were pregnant too, soon after we came back from Seoul. :D
I think he is still pregnant, he always requested for pickles including kimchi. Thanks for dropped by... and happy new year too!

Carolyn Jung said...

Without a doubt, this is the prettiest looking kimchee I have ever seen. And I LOVE kimchee, too.

Lydia said...

Thanks for dropped by. Glad to know another kimchi lover. :D

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