Sweet Potato Tart

Sweet Potato Tarts

Are you a sweet potato lover? I am. I especially love those purple peel with yellow flesh ones. I do eat orange flesh and purple flesh sweet potatoes but do not like them that much. To me, the texture of the first one is too soft and the latter is too rough. There is also slight different in term of their taste and aroma.

Been eating steamed sweet potatoes quite often lately, either as snacks or part of meals. I used to steam them with some sugar and pinch of salt, but now without any seasoning for a healthier choice. Guess what? I am loving them this way now. But, today I am trying out a new recipe with this humble ingredient.

Here is the recipe, you can either make a big tart or some individual tarts. I made 12 mini tarts and 6 regular size tarts with this recipe. I toasted the meringue for a few minutes to brown the surface a little but the result was not as good as the one browned with a torch. By the way, this Italian meringue (aka cooked meringue) is safe to eat without further cooking.

Ingredients (12 pcs - regular):
60g butter, room temp
40g caster sugar
1 egg yolk
120g all purpose flour
¼ tsp vanilla essence

150ml sweetened condensed milk (+- to your taste)
200g mashed sweet potato
1 tbsp brown sugar (optional)
1 egg
¼ tsp ground cinnamon
¼ tsp ground nutmeg
¼ tsp ground ginger
Pinch of salt

Meringue: (optional)
1 egg white
Pinch of cream of tartar
¼ cup caster sugar
2 tbsp water

  1. Pastry: Beat together butter and sugar until creamy. Add in egg yolk and vanilla essence, and mix well. Add in flour gradually and knead briefly to form soft dough. Cover with plastic wrap and set aside for later use.
  2. Filling: In a large mixing bowl, whisk together all ingredients until smooth paste is formed.
  3. Assemble: Roll out the pastry into 5mm thickness, cut and place/fit the pastry into greased muffin tin. Fill each pastry with filling to the almost full level.
  4. Bake tarts at 170degreeC (preheated oven) for 20 minutes. Remove from oven and cool on rack.
  5. Meringue: Boil sugar with water in a small sauce pan until sugar is melted, keep it hot with the low heat. Meanwhile, prepare meringue as usual. Once the soft peak is formed, pour in the hot syrup slowly while beating with medium speed. Continue to beat until stiff peak is formed.

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7 comments to “Sweet Potato Tart”
ovenhaven said...

I love sweet taters! So these sound really up my alley. Beautiful! :)

Mat Gebu said...

woo...weee....nak masak malas, rasa mcm nak pi Sydney makan tat keledek u sky....sedapnyaa!!!!

Lydia said...

ovenhaven & mat: pls help yourself with those tarts... :D

Sarah C. said...

I havent ever heard of the purple sweet potato. Maybe we just dont have them here in Indiana. ::shrug:: I am making a Sweet Potato and Leak Gratin today so check out my post about it later this week. It should be good, though not as sweet (or pretty) as your tarts!

Anonymous said...



Lydia said...

Next time I will buy some purple flesh sweet potato to "show" you. Btw, its peel is beige colour. Sweet potato and Leek Gratin sounds good, will check out your blog for the recipe. :D

不是好象,是真的好好吃!我觉得甜了一点, 但武海就说刚刚好。他喜欢吃甜的。。。

Dwiana P said...

sweet potato is great!! you make it even more greater, especially you picture:)

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