Dhal Curry [Not Just Curry]

Dhal Curry

There is a newly opened mini market in the condos we live in. Checked it out while on the way back from a morning walk in park the other day. I am the kind of person that will feel shy if walking out of a shop (small shop) without buying anything. Thus, I walked out with a pack of dhal and some spices not knowing what to cook at that moment.

After blog-hopping, I found Sonia's dhal curry and cooked my first dhal dish with her recipe. Just nice that there were two pieces of instant roti canai in the freezer, we had that for breakfast the next day. Roti canai is now available in many flavours, but I still prefer the original roti with dhal curry.

Dhal Curry

To me, the combination of roti canai and dahl curry is a special breakfast associates with childhood memories. When my younger brother and I were attending primary school we sometimes had breakfast with my dad at coffee shop (kopitiam) before going to school. Dad brought us to the shop with his motorcycle then we had roti canai with egg (brought from home) and a cup of coffee. Breakfast time like that might be a routine for many people, but to me it was definitely a special treat. It was luxury for us to have breakfast outside, and I really enjoyed the moment. Dad... I miss you!

Dhal Curry

For roti canai, I prefer to eat with hand. What about you?

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7 comments to “Dhal Curry [Not Just Curry]”
Shirley @ Kokken69 said...

Lydia, this looks very good. I just got back from India. I won't be cooking this any time soon (too much indian food over the week and after a while all the overpowering spices started to taste the same... we in Singapore/M'sia have so many options, we get spoilt) but I have this filed away.

Pete said...

I love to flood my roti chanai with all the dhall curry...LOL! Ahhh, reminds me of the good old days with my dad!

Lydia said...

Thanks for the compliment. I have not yet tried "real" indian food. Does their dhal curry tasted like we have it here? lol
Agreed with you, we have too many choices here... spoilt!

True Malaysian you are! I guess many malaysians have good memories with dad and roti canai. :-p

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

I am afraid my hands are oily after holding the roti, so I will use fork and spoon.:0)

I love roti canai with sambal and dhal! Yum yum.

Blueberry said...

I've been to malaysia for 2 weeks recently and I fell in love with two main things: roti canai, to eat absolutely with hands, and steamed pandan cake. I miss them so much and I would like to make them here but I can't reach the ingredients! :( so sad about it...
P.S. your recipes are spectacular!

Lydia said...

Hi Chiara,
Thanks for dropped by. Not sure if you can find the instant (frozen) roti canai (aka roti pratha/prata) at Asian groceries shop there, it's available in Japan and Australia as I know.

Ingredients for making roti canai are pretty simple - all purpose flour, ghee, water, salt and sweetened condensed milk. If you are really keen, I can translate a Malay recipe for you.


Aditya Udhani said...

I had been to Malaysia a few weeks ago... Returned last week... In love with roti canai :) Im from india... and yeah the dhal u guys have over there is alost same as the indian one :D

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