Durian Cake [Durian Season Again!]

Durian Cake

Durian is always best eaten fresh, but I like to use it in baking when it is at its peak - cheap and good!

I could not afford too much time in baking recently, John is very attached to me now. Whenever I am busy in the kitchen, he will be there pulling my legs or exploring kitchen cabinet and my toys. Finally, I found time to bake something yesterday.

Durian Cake

I baked the cake before his nap time, and quickly dressed it up, chilled and snapped some photos while he was sleeping without making too much noises. The timing was just right, we had a piece of fresh durian cake for afternoon tea after his nap.

Durian Cake

For cake, I used Pandan Swiss Roll recipe and substituted pandan essence with vanilla essence. Cut and trim the cake into desired shape, and frost it with durian cream. Durian cream frosting recipe as follows:

200 g fresh cream, whipped
250 g fresh durian, pureed (add more if desired)
1 tbsp gelatine powder
50ml water (soak geletine in water and set aside for 5 minutes)


  1. Heat geletine mixture in microwave for 20 seconds, or using double-boil method until geletine is dissolved fully.
  2. Add warm geletine mixture into durian puree, mix until well blended.
  3. Gently fold in whipped cream, ready to use.

Note: Chill the cake before serving.

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Comments :

10 comments to “Durian Cake [Durian Season Again!]”
Emily said...

That looks fabulous

Kitchen Corner said...

This looks simply the BEST! I would really like to try it, hopefully could get some durian today. Cheers!

The Little Teochew said...

WOW! Looks fabulous!!! This is exactly what I want to make. Your recipe & photo couldn't have come at a better time. Is it ok if I skip the gelatine?

homeladychef said...

CY must be crazy about this! He can't live without durian!!

anyway, i really like your photos & recipes...have added you into my favourites ;)

HL said...

Wow this looks great!!! I am so gonna try it!

tigerfish said...

I think durians never last long to become a cake in my home. :O

Lydia said...


How's your durian cake baking?

The Little Teochew,
Thanks for the compliments. Personally I think if using fresh cream + durian puree, gelatine is necessary. Otherwise, the frosting maybe too runny for frosting.
BUT, if you are using the same frosting as cream puff filling, it would be ok without gelatine.

Thanks for dropped by and compliments! Happy durian feasting!

Happy baking!

I bought extra for making cake... keeping some frozen. Imagine, 6 big durians for 2 persons!! T's eyes were so big when he saw me carrying 2 big bags!

ummi said...

Hello Lydia,
Feeling so amazing when passing by ur blog...everything look so tempting and drooling..what a great cook you are...ur pictures taken also nice n beautiful!! May I link with? :D

The Little Teochew said...

Hi, just FYI, I made it w/o gelatine and it turned out fine. Thank goodness! I used more durian, less cream .. maybe that's why? However, it was a challenge to frost the cake in hot, humid weather! But the eating made up for the hard work! Thanks again for sharing :)

Lydia said...

The Little Teochew,
Thanks for the update, will try without geletine next time. I bet you got a big bite of the cake. :D

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